Welcome To Alora
The decentralized finance ecosystem has paved the way for newer and innovative solutions to the existing problems faced by the inefficient traditional banking systems. Centralized financial institutions keep the vast majority of the profit made from their clients to themselves while distributing minimal potential earnings to their customers. DeFi projects offer much more opportunities and flexibility to investors, as compared to traditional centralized financial ecosystems.
Alora Money seems like the only protocol to associate E-commerce with the DeFi World which makes it ever lasting, different & unique. Imagine earning daily rewards that you can spend, transfer & sell which also have uptrend on the price as the commence brings in New Investments & Investors into the protocol.
The Alora Protocol is The King of DeFi as its purely driven by real life buyers & sellers almost similar to the stock market. Real world-use utility brings real money to the holders.
The Protocol doesn't stop there as the buy backs that are coming from The Marketplace will be integrated with the OTC Offerings into our dApp where we can allocate selling our buy backs as Kingdoms to the potential investors which stabilizes the price per token.
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